How to rent a bus in Styria?

Book a bus for sightseeing tours in StyriaStyria is the second largest of nine Austrian federal-states, after Lower Austria. Its capital city Graz is the second-largest city in Austria after Vienna. Styria is located between Lower Austria and Upper Austria in the north, Burgenland in the east, Carinthia and Slovenia in the south and Salzburg in the west. Styria even offers numerous very interesting sights and destinations and is also a very good choice as a starting point for bus excursions throughout Austria, from the Wörthersee to Vienna through Salzburg and Linz. Austria Bus opens the possibility for you to rent a bus or a minibus for sightseeing tours and excursions in Styria, bus transfers from or to Styria, or even bus trips throughout Austria. Austria Bus provides among others the following bus tours in Styria:

Sightseeing bus tours in Styria

As a rule, Austria Bus organizes willingly any kind of sightseeing bus tours in Styria, in accordance with your personal wishes and expectations. From a year-long trip to a school excursion, including a pilgrimage, Austria Bus makes willingly available to you its autobuses and minibuses at anytime. Here are some sights which are every time worth the trip in Styria:

Sightseeing tours in Graz and in the surroundings

How to rent a bus for a sightseeing tour in Graz? The best way to travel through the Styrian capital city Graz and its surroundings is to take part in a sightseeing tour with a tourist guide. A sightseeing tour in Graz may be made up among others of a walking tour through Graz's Old Town, a climbing up to the "Uhrturm" (clock tower), a visit of Eggenberg Palace, a detour to the UPC-Arena and/or to the house where Arnold Schwarzenegger was born, a guided tour through the Murinsel, a sightseeing of the Landeszeughaus in Graz - largest existing original armoury in the whole world - or a guided tour through one of the numerous other sights in Graz. Feel free to contact the Austria Bus team if you have any questions about all possible sightseeing tours in Graz that Austria Bus can suggest to you.

Bus excursions to the Piber Federal Stud

Autobuses and minibuses for excursions to Piber CastlePiber Castle was formerly the Abbey of St. Lambrecht. The stud was created in 1798 for the purpose of breeding cavalry horses. During the First World War, the breeding of Lipizzan horses has been transfered to Piber from Lipica, a village which now belongs to Slovenia. Until today, Lippizan stallions have been bred there and made prepared to enter the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. Visitors can attend some training sessions and also visit some of the stables. Austria Bus will organize with pleasure all your bus excursions to the Piber Federal Stud from Graz or from any other place in Styria or throughout Austria.

Bus excursions to Mariazell

Mariazell. Picture: Herbert Ortner. Source: Wikimedia Commons. Licence: Creative Commons.Mariazell is the most important pilgrimage site in Austria and is located close to the Styrian border with Lower Austria. Legends give the town's founding day as December 21, 1157. At the same time, the first Marian basilica was built up in Mariazell, after the Mother of God removed a boulder which blocked the road. A miraculous limewooden statue of the Virgin Mary, nicknamed "Magna Mater Austriae", has been ever since honored by millions of pilgrims, amongst whom princes and bishops, emperors and popes. The Venerable Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI recently went to the Mariazell Basilica during a trip in Austria and celebrated the Mass there. Thanks to Austria Bus you have at any time buses at your disposal for any excursions or transfers to Mariazell.

Bus excursions to Erzberg

The Ennstal Alps. Picture: Gerald Senarclens de Grancy. Source: Wikimedia Commons. Licence: Creative Commons.The Erzberg mountain is one of the most important industrial memorials in Styria and throughout Austria and is located close to the town of Eisenerz in the Ennstal Alps. Since the eleventh century at least, but most probably since the eighth century, the Erzberg had been mined for iron ore, especially in the form of siderite. The Erzberg was the largest open-cast ore mining site in Central Europe. This is why the mountain progressively eroded and was because of that nicknamed the "styrian loaf of bread". Around the Erzberg, in the Eisenwurzen area, an undreamt economic recovery occurred in the nineteenth century, a recovery which has thereafter probably instigated the building of Voestalpine AG and of the University of Leoben, Austria's national university for mining, metallurgy and materials. Erzberg is educationally speaking a very popular destination. Austria Bus would be pleased to provide you with coaches or minibuses for bus excursions to Erzberg.

Bus excursions to the Riegersburg castle

Riegersburg castle. Picture: Marion Schneider & Christoph Aistleitner. Source: Wikimedia Commons. Licence: Creative Commons. The Riegersburg fortified castle stands at the top of a high basaltic mountain, about 200 metres above the municipality of Riegersburg, Styria. Over 6.000 years ago, this castle was used for purposes of defence. The oldest parts of today's castle date from the eleventh century. After a massive strengthening of the stronghold during the Austro-Turkish Wars, the Italian military general who also served as general for the Austrians, and was also a prince of the Holy Roman Empire, Montecuccoli, called the Riegersburg castle the "best bulwark for the Christendom". Since 1822 the Riegersburg castle has been in the Liechtenstein dynasty's possession, and under the influence of this princely family, the Riegersburg castle has become one of the most popular places of interest in Styria. It is with great pleasure that Austria Bus will organize your bus excursions to the Riegersburg fortified castle as well as your bus transfers from and to numerous events which take place in the Riegersburg castle.

Bus excursions to Herberstein castle

 Herberstein castle. Picture: Wolfgang Glock. Source: Wikimedia Commons. Licence: Creative Commons.Herberstein castle is worth seeing on several fronts: on the one hand, the Herberstein castle itself is an extremely prestigious building and it is historically speaking very interesting; on the other hand, you will find close to the castle the Herberstein Animal and Nature Park which is recognizable with the extensive enclosures which shelter animals from the five continents. What is also worth mentioning is that the Herberstein Animal and Nature Park owns the biggest cheetahs' enclosure in Europe in which in 1978 for the very first time, a prey simulator was introduced in order to keep cheetahs in a near-natural environment with a near-natural feeding; this approach has been fruitful. The Herberstein Animal and Nature Park and the Herberstein castle are destinations worth seeing for the whole family. Austria Bus places with pleasure minibuses and autobuses at your disposal for bus excursions to Herberstein castle as well as for bus transfers from and to the events which take place in Herberstein castle.

Bus transfers in Styria

Apart from the aforementioned and from numerous other sightseeing tours in Styria, Austria Bus also opens the possibility for you to rent buses for transfers in Styria, for example bus transfers between Graz airport and your holiday resort in Styria or elsewhere in Austria. You also have the possibility to rent a bus for a transfer from or to the numerous events which take place in Graz or anywhere else in Styria. You can also rent a bus for a bus transfer from and to the numerous hiking trails, spa resorts and winter sport resorts in Styria.

Coach hire companies in Styria

Besides the service of our own agency, we can strongly recommend you a visit to our following bus charter partners in Styria:

How to book a bus in Styria?

In order to book a bus excursion, a bus transfer or a bus sightseeing tour in Styria, please write to us at the following address: in order to give us all the details about the bus service you would like to rent or please phone us at: +43 1 966 02 61 or at +43 6991 952 49 34. The Austria Bus team will be delighted to answer your questions and to help you to choose the most appropriate bus rental option for your plans in Styria.